Graphic design

Competitors will be able to submit the following types of graphic materials in the contest:

  • Web banner
  • Website template, dedicated application, mobile application
  • infographic
  • Poster
  • Brochure / leaflet
  • Magazine
  • The cover
  • Elements of visual identity
  • Processed digital images

The materials will be submitted in graphic format of any type (Tiff, jpeg, bmp, etc.) of high resolution and with the mention of the actual size of the material in its finished form, its use, etc.

Equal parts art and technique, advertising design and graphics involve imagination, analysis and perspective. The goal is to always create something new, unique and impactful. Whether we mean a logo, a brochure, a catalog, a calendar, a leaflet, they must tempt the eye and provoke reactions. Whether we are talking about a magazine, a banner, a panel, a stand, a showcase, these are elements that must have personality. Shape, color, texture, the message behind the promotional material, harmoniously combined, give a final quality advertising product. The details are what give the image originality. To enjoy success, the image of a business, product or person must be memorable.