Internet of Things

The competition is aimed at participants who come up with innovative ideas for the Internet of Things (IoT), a system of interconnected computing devices that collect data and communicate with each other in complex ways, often without human intervention.

Competitors will demonstrate their technical skills to implement an IoT device that combines hardware, software and data on a topical theme (eg smart home, sensor network, robots, others).

The application evaluation criteria are as follows:

Impact – the degree of influence (qualitative and quantitative) that the product can have in contemporary society

Originality – the novelty, freshness of the idea, the demand and supply existing in the market for this product

Complexity – degree of interconnection of hardware, software and data, the multidisciplinarity of the team involved

Usability and aesthetics – ease and efficiency of use, utility, interactivity, visual identity, coherent and pleasing design.

Marketing – methods of promotion, monetization.

All applications must be demonstrated on real devices. The data / network services that are part of the application must also be real services that do not incorporate mock-up components.