Web Development

Competitors will demonstrate their technical skills in developing a web application, on a current topic (for example: virtual store, news portal, large web application, website, social media environment, etc.).

The application evaluation criteria are as follows:

Impact – refers to the degree of originality of the chosen subject, its usefulness in contemporary society

Complexity – degree of use of new technologies (for example: use of HTML5 / CSS3 elements, object-oriented PHP, Server Side Scripting and/or Client Side Scripting framework, Javascript / CSS libraries)

Accessibility and usability – the degree of adaptation to the type of terminal (desktop, tablet, mobile), operating system and browser (cross-platform / cross-browser); compatibility with screen-reader technologies; keyboard shortcuts; high contrast viewing mode

Aesthetics – visual identity, coherent and pleasing design, logo, favicon, original graphics, interactivity

Marketing – methods of promotion, SEO, monetization.

All applications in the competition must be able to be accessed and tested in real time, for example on a local web server, or using a hosting service.