Web Development

Competitors will demonstrate their technical skills in developing a web application, on a current topic (for example: virtual store, news portal, large web application, website, social media environment, etc.).

Development for Mobile Devices

The competition is for mobile applications using any computing architecture (stand-alone, client-server, peer-to-peer, etc.), including augmented and virtual reality applications. Any current mobile platform can be used.

Audio-Video production

Competitors will be able to send in the contest materials belonging to one of the following types of audio-video productions: videos, advertising spots, generic / promo / trailer, video animations, video materials, timelapse, special effects.

Graphic design

Equal parts art and technique, advertising design and graphics involve imagination, analysis and perspective. The goal is to always create something unique and impactful, whether we mean a logo, a brochure, a catalog, a calendar, a leaflet.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interconnected computing devices that collect data and communicate with each other in complex ways, often without human intervention. Competitors can present their prototypes and concepts.

eXtended Reality

Augmented / virtual / mixed reality applications, which translate the stories of Spotlight Heritage Timișoara in creative and immersive ways, through various types of modern devices, from smart mobile phones to VR glasses.

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