Politehnica University of Timișoara through Multimedia Center (established in 1996) organizes in the format HYBRID, Friday June 14, 2024 – Interactive Digital Media Student Contest 2024.

Interactive Digital Media Student Contest is a student competition that aims to stimulate creativity and competitive spirit in the multimedia field. Students will have the opportunity to present their most interesting projects, but also to interact directly with representatives of the economic environment, possible employers of the participants.

Bachelor's, master's or doctoral students in a Romanian or foreign university, as well as high school students, can participate in the competition.

Both individual participants and competitors organized in a team can register.

There are no limits on the number of projects/applications entered in the competition or on the number of sections to participate in.

The contest will be held by registration during the period April 10 – June 11, 2024 (up to at 23:59 on the last day), on June 14, 2024 taking place the support in the format HYBRID (online or at the premises of the Politehnica University Timișoara) by students of the project carried out in front of the jury and the other participants, judging and awarding. The jury is made up of specialists from the university, industry and the companies offering the awards.

The contest is open to bachelor's, master's and doctoral level students, as well as to high school students, and brings numerous prizes for winners, as well as direct interaction of participants with potential employers. The jury is made up of specialists from the university, industry and the companies offering the awards.

The projects can be any type of multimedia project, realized by students either as a learning activity, or as an independent extra-curricular activity. The students need to validate the correctness and the intellectual property of the submitted projects.

From this year the competition is open also to students from E3UDRES2 European University Alliance, with projects either developed during iLivingLabs, Bootcamps as an E3UDRES2, but also to individual projects part of their learning activity in their university, in any other language (not necessarily in EN, just the submission and description needs to be in EN).


We are waiting for you with us!

The CM Multimedia Research Center has been operating in the Politehnica University of Timișoara since 1996 with research, development, training and education activities in the field of multimedia, audio-video, web and mobile technologies. CM has developed partnerships with over 40 international partners, universities, associations, European institutions and companies, developing 24 international projects, 11 national projects.

The CM academically manages the Master's specializations in Multimedia Technologies and Technologies, Systems and Applications for eActivities, the Multimedia direction within the specialization Technologies and Telecommunications Systems at bachelor's level (full-time and distance learning), within the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Technologies Informational, as well as postgraduate courses in the field of e-Activities (e-Media, e-Business, e-Government, e-Health).


Online registration

  • Online registration – until June 11, 2024
  • Project submission deadline: June 13, 2024. Depending on the type of material, the transmission will be done by email, ftp, web link, DVD/BD.
  • Initial evaluation of projects by the organizers: June 13, 2024
  • Supporting the project in front of the jury and the other participants, Judging, Premiere June 14, 2024

Each student or team will have between 5 and 10 minutes to present the project on June 14, 2024. Failure to present the project will result in its non-judging.

Participating students or teams will present the materials using the technical resources provided by the organizers or (depending on the needs) personal equipment (for example, the situation of servers with special configurations, etc.).

Students assume responsibility for respecting the intellectual property rights of applications or application elements entered in the competition.

Eligibility of projects entered in the competition

  • The submitted projects must be made exclusively by the students.
  • Projects that are already in operation are also accepted.
  • The subjects covered are at the choice of the participants. Materials that encourage the use of tobacco, alcohol, medicines, drugs, as well as those of a sexual, violent or political nature are not accepted.
  • Respect for copyright is required.
  • The number of creators of a project presented by a team can be a maximum of 6; each of them must have contributed to the project.
  • A project can also be done by one person.
  • When registering for the competition, each student / participating team will also submit a declaration on their own responsibility regarding the respect of intellectual property rights. The organizer does not assume responsibility and cannot be held responsible for the consequences of non-respect of intellectual property rights by the participants.
  • Participants must present the sources of the projects, as proof that they belong to them; if they are not the authors of the works, they will be rejected from the competition.
  • The authors of the projects retain their property rights over the presented work; no transfer of ownership to the organizers by the winners or participants of the competition is contemplated.
  • During the initial evaluation of the projects by the organizers, works that are found to have major deficiencies in terms of content will be eliminated from the competition.

Project delivery will be done through direct contact between the team and the organizers, in one of the following formats: email, ftp, web link, DVD/BD/USB.

Evaluation criterias

The jury will appreciate the following aspects of the presented projects:

General criteria:

  • applicability
  • the content
  • originality
  • optimizations / implementation / the technical solution used
  • the degree of innovation
  • graphics
  • mode of presentation

Particular criteria for each section: depending on its specifics.

The jury will consist of specialists from the University and partner companies.

They will be awarded prizes in each section, as well as a big prize.

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